Stop Procrastination!

Most of us have hit a point in life where it seems easier to put things off to make life easier. When actually, you are making things more difficult for yourself and life seem much cluttered with tasks. This is because when you put off, say, washing the dishes after dinner for the next day, you may then have the dishes and your chores for the next day. Another example is maybe you have a pile of paperwork to file and you procrastinate and dragging your feet on getting it done. Now, you find yourself with several more days of filing to do and the stack now feels overwhelming. The following tips will help you overcome your procrastination habits in no time.

#1 – Be Aware of Your Procrastination Habit

When you are aware that you are in fact a procrastinator, you will be more open to change your habits. Anytime you begin telling yourself the reasons why you should put off a task until a later time, know this is when you need to make yourself complete whatever it is you are contemplating putting off.

#2 – Breakdown Large Tasks/Projects into Small Fragments

If a large undertaking is looking you in the face and you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a step back and breathe. Then, think of how you can break it down into tiny jobs. For example, packing to move can feel intimidating, but breaking it down room-by-room is less daunting and more efficient.

#3 – Get Moving!!

This may seem like common sense, but getting your chores, tasks, or project underway can be the biggest thing you procrastinate about. Just make you turn off the excuses and begin – Just Begin.

#4 – Recognize Your Fears

Many times, we put things off, especially big moves or decisions, out of fear of failure or even a fear of success. Know that most people, even the most successful, have this fear. In fact, some think it perfectly normal. Be aware this may be holding you back and take steps to overcome it. Once you can get your fears under control, you will leave procrastination in your past.

#5 – Write it down

Having a list in “black and white” will put what you need to get accomplished right in your face. You will no longer give yourself an excuse of forgetting. You will also be able to use the list to feel accomplished as you see each thing marked off. This will give you a sense of success.

Following some or all of these tips will assist you in feeling better, more accomplished, and less consumed by the things in your life that need to get done. In addition, once you stop putting things off, you will notice you have a lot more free time than you did before your procrastination habits took over.