As a well experimented Public Speaker Gaby Company, inspires people to face their Fears and achieve confidence.

Gaby Company, is a Mindset Specialist, Mentor, Author, Personal Trainer and Host of the TV SHOW:  “The Dreaming Show” who is empowering individual and Business around the World to rich their Dreams.

Gaby with a experience in the Media:  Radio, TV engage your attention to the next level

Gaby Company from The Dreaming Show

Expertise Topics 

  • How to Transform Fear into Power
  • 7 Strategies to Manage your Time
  • 7 Outstanding Secrets to Weight Loss
  • Procrastination resolved
  • Your thoughts will create your Reality
  • How to write a Book
  • The Power of Focus
  • Make a Plan- Achieve your Goals
  • Secrets for a wonderful Marriage
  • How to overcome Limiting Beliefs


“Gaby is a strong woman, her goal is to share knowledge has obtained along her life. She demonstrated to people that anything can be possible with effort and continue work overcoming our fears. She seeks to show that you can live your dream if you try, that was the sensation I had when I attended the Conference she ran last year in Lima-Peru. Then, I had the opportunity to read her book, it is really good and easy to digest. The book explains that our limitations just exist in our Subconscious Mind, we can achieve everything that we focus on if we really take action."

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“I am losing weight, 15 kilos.  From that day that I was in your Conference,  I became a person dissatisfied with my life, I would like to discover myself more, I want to be more honest with myself, I don’t know but it is like some kind of thirst for something you contagious us.  A thirst that leads us to an excellent life."