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About Divya Bannerjeed

Awaken the Inner Goddess is all about helping women manage depression, anxiety and negativity and find their true purpose, passion and see possibilities. We are totally dedicated to this cause and have developed a program which delivers results within six weeks. Our Goddess of Power program focuses of removing toxic thoughts and shifting from a fixed mindset, to a growth mindset. We help each individual create a new identity and equip them with strategies and tools they can use throughout their lives.

Divya Bannerjee is our key women’s life strategist, helping empower women in a powerful and lasting way. She has a strong sense of empathy and is 100% committed to this company, which is her passion and her strength. She aims to truly listen and understand each individual in order to create the breakthroughs required. Divya is a trained strategic intervention coach, NLP practitioner, Motivational Speaker, Author and Corporate Coaching Consultant, whose passion is to help women overcome negativity and anxiety in order to find their true PURPOSE, PASSION and open the door to endless POSSIBILITIES.

Info for 30 min session: If you are struggling with a problem or surrounded by too much negativity, feeling lost, depressed or confused, you can book in a FREE 30 min Goddess AWAKENING Session with Divya

She will help you resolve it on the spot, or give you strategies to do so within a few days.



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