Speaking Mastery Workshop Dinner

Saturday February 22nd 2020
Time: 10:00am - 7:00pm

Come to our one day exclusive private dinner and workshop. This is your chance to an exclusive learning experience with your host Gaby Company.


Dinner Workshops
Dinner Workshops

What You Will Learn

How to develop a powerful mindset

How to confront your fears, anxiety and dominate the stage

How to influence and persuade your audience

How to design a 60 second Speech Success Formula

How to use gestures for impact

How to run your own workshop, seminar or meet up

How to deliver your presentation with power, presence and persuasion

What Others Say

Branding Transformation Weekend Retreat


You can have a product or service but if you are not visible or trustable, you have no business. Your personal brand is the impression in the minds of others about you and your business as it helps you attract business opportunities.


Weekend retreat
Weekend retreat

What You Will Learn

Over coming fear and gaining visibility


Speaking for success formula

Building your Personal Brand from scratch that stands out from your competitors 


How to create brand awareness


The Secret Psychology of Wealth

Creating your own unique and signature program

How to get free publicity

How to create powerful habits


How to magnetise your audience through public speaking

Benefits of becoming a published author sharing your expertise and story

 Boost your personal image

How to transform fear into power


Video marketing productions


How to run your own events or Meetup


How to control and master the power of your mindset

Time management success formula

Use story telling to build a magnetic brand

How to network like a pro