How to Change Money Limiting Beliefs

Most of us have been imprinted from birth basically with money limiting beliefs. These beliefs may not even pertain to your own life, but they will pay repeatedly in your mind like a broken record.

Sadly, they can cause you not to strive for your goals or to reach your full potential. If you feel like something has been holding you back in life or financial success, but cannot quite place your finger on it, this may be it.

How many of this money limiting beliefs have you heard, and how many do you think you should subscribe to?

  • Wanting to have money is just vanity.
  • Only extreme hard work will get you success.
  • I am not smart enough to move up in life.
  • No one wants to hire an old person.
  • I am a woman, so I naturally am paid less.
  • I would feel guilty being rich.
  • I am too busy to even think about money right now.

Unfortunately, you probably have heard and maybe even subscribed to more than one. Now that you are aware of what these statements you have heard all your life are, you can begin to remove their grip on your psyche.

Look at each of the money limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and debunk them.

  • You need to change your Money Mindset.  Your Mindset controls everything you do in all areas of your Life.
  • Visualize being positive and having Money in your Life
  • Say positive affirmations about Money and believe on them

Example:  I deserve Money!  I am attracting Money to my Life!