One Strategy to create Success in your Life – Modeling

Modelling is observing what someone does then replicating this to achieve the same results, often in less time.

You can Model Health, Fitness, Business results, Leadership Skills, Charisma, career and attitude.

Successful Modelling means looking at the deeper structure of what we are observing.  No one arrives successful in an area of expertise.  There are steps that had to be taken to achieve mastery.

Modelling requires we look at:

  • Self-talk, thinking patterns, strategies
  • Beliefs and Values
  • The person’s Physiology

Modelling how someone thinks is an important part of modelling, how they organize their thoughts and actions to accomplish a task.  This could be a simple task, as in making a cup of tea, to the more complex tasks of accomplishing a successful Career.

How to Model:

Step one: Decide what behavior you want to replicate.  Simple decide an area of your Life, experience or Business that you want to change or improve in some way.

Step two: Once you have decided what you want to change, find someone who has got or is getting results that you want to achieve.

Step three: Observe them when they are actually engaged in the behavior you want to replicate.  Become them as much as you can be, through this observation.

Step four: Now take out each aspect of the person’s behavior to find out whether it makes a difference to the results you get.  If it does, keep it as essential to the Model.  If not, discard it.

Step five: Analyze what you have learned so you can replicate it.