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About Roxana Fuentes

Works on building the Self from the Inside out with emphasis on Self-esteem issues, traumatic events, support, understanding and providing undivided attention.

Expertise in the areas of Psychology, time-line therapy, shiatsu Oki Do Yoga, Reiki, concepts and perception of Chinese Medicine, Meridians, Chakras, Emotional Freedom Technique plus Hypnosis where is appropriate and creativity such as drawing, colouring, sketching and other techniques.

For Roxana is important to listen and understand where the individual is and the potential of where the client can go and achieve.

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About Vinny Ly

Vinny Ly suffered bully, depression, anxiety however he overcame these challenges and now he is a University student studying information technology, he has a lot of dreams and goals and he is available to speak in any event or conference about empowering People to express themselves and never give up.

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