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Episode 32: How to Set Goals and achieve them

Episode 31: How your Mindset creates the results you are getting in your Life

About Stephen Crockford

Stephen Crockford, is originally from Dublin, Ireland, and has been living in Melbourne Australia for almost 14 years. He moved out here to travel for 1 year, but realised that he was meant to stay. He is extremely passionate about health, fitness, business and mindset. He works full-time with his Juice Plus+ Franchisee business, where he helps people to become healthier and to dream again. Started as a very part-time business, has now turned into his passion. Inspiring healthy living and teaching every day people how they too can also have that freedom lifestyle life. His 10+ years of personal development and mindset study enables him to help people transition from the 9-5 world to the world of an Entrepreneur. Reach out to Stephen anytime if you have any questions or to learn more.


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